Physical Therapy

Improvement of mechanics, decongestion of tissues, breath control, and stress relief

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Physical therapy is the improvement of mechanics, decongestion of tissues, breath control, and stress relief for clients. The vast majority (over 98%) of clients that our PT sees are a result of incomplete mechanics or overly stiff areas.

Dr. Brian provides education on how to maintain your body with simple techniques to address and prevent the incidents that are keeping you from performing at your fullest potential.

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  1. Functional assessments – based on archetypes – squat, hinge, press, lunge, pistol, overhead, front rack
  2. Motor control based on archetypes
    1. Olympic/Crossfit style weightlifting – Squat, deadlift, pistol, overhead, front rack, lunge, hang
    2. Yoga – Functional for athletes (or anyone), neurologic down regulation
    3. Suspension training – Using TRX or rings to perform bodyweight exercises, focusing on a stable spine to maximize performance capability
  3. Breathing education – You have to breathe right to be functional and have a stable spine. If you can’t breathe in a position you do NOT own that position
    1. Breathing for stress control, sleep, athletic recovery, and athletic performance, endurance performance
    2. Instruction and education on nose breathing, mewing, diaphragmic breathing, scalene deactivation, breath of fire, Wim Hof
  4. Tissue decongestion
    1. Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM, gua sha, scraping) physically mobilizes tissues with an instrument to restore sliding surfaces and decongest a problem area
    2. Normatec compression boots – sequential pneumatic compression device (, provide relief post injury or after a heavy workout, and down regulate sensitivity
    3. MarPro – non-fatiguing muscle contraction, for highly sensitive tissues, this pumps the muscles safely to remove congestion and get fresh fluids into the targeted area, and down regulate sensitivity
    4. VooDoo band – a rubber fitness band used to help clear congestion actively and down regulate sensitivity
  5. Endurance education and coaching
    1. Run, bike, and swim instruction and coaching. Using weightlifting and drills to support endurance activities such as Ironman triathlons.
    2. Pose running education (this method is what the best endurance athletes use to save time and get the most out of their training plan)
  6. Lifestyle modification
    1. Instruction and mentoring on healthy sleep, activity levels, nutrition, stress relief, daily activities to promote health. Other topics include supplements, hydration, neurologic downregulation, recommendations for resources, tracking online to help identify patterns.
    2. Ergonomic assessment of sitting, standing, office desk to increase daily function and awareness
  7. Postural assessments – standing, sitting, desk, car, etc. I will provide recommendations to manage your daily office or otherwise sedentary life, to reduce discomfort in your daily life to facilitate your ability to get outside and do the things you want to do.
  8. The P3 Physiotherapy client portal contains the ability to track appointments, message your provider, watch home exercise program videos, make or change appointments, see documents, track home exercises and lifestyle metrics (sleep, activity, etc)

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