Back Pain Heat Therapy Massage Table – StimaWELL 120 MTRS by Back to Health Wellness Center in Utica, Michigan.

Back massage table with dynamic EMS deep waves and heat for a relaxed and strengthened back.

The patented StimaWELL BackUP! System was specially developed for the treatment of back pain. Back problems are a big issue: almost 80% of adults suffer from back pain at least once in their lives. Athletes and people who keep fit can also be affected by the “widespread disease of back pain.

“4 in 1” concept against back problems: 

The BackUP! System combines 4 proven therapy components:

  • Pain therapy (TENS impulses)
  • Muscle therapy (EMS impulses)
  • Dynamic deep tissue massage
  • Heat therapy


  • Innovative therapy system for the treatment of back problems
  • Dynamic deep waves for a multidimensional back treatment
  • Gentle therapy with few side effects
  • Well-tolerated, pleasant medium-frequency impulses are modulated according to therapeutic requirements
  • Creation of patient profiles
  • Anamnesis-based program selection in the “Automatic program selection according to indications” mode
  • Select specific therapy programs in the “Manual program selection” mode
  • Calibration for optimal fit
  • Patient history & database for clear evaluation of therapy
  • Simple, self-explanatory operation via touchscreen
  • Logical menu navigation
  • Creation of own user programs possible
  • Intensity control also by remote control

Perfect Personalization:

The BackUP! System makes it easy for you to personalize down to the smallest detail, if you wish. In addition to setting the mat size, you can perform a calibration. During this, the individual channels are adjusted so that the stimulation feels equally intense everywhere. This allows the application to be optimally tailored to your back.

StimaWELL: A new hope for back pain sufferers

StimaWELL is a revolutionary new device that offers hope for back pain sufferers. It is a safe and effective non-invasive treatment that can help to relieve discomfort, improve muscle strength, and increase flexibility. If you are looking for a new way to treat your back pain, StimaWELL may be the right solution for you

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StimaWELL Back Pain Mat

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